3 September 2017

Presidencies and honorary committee


Président d’honneur du FIFOG 2017

AZOUZ BEGAGD’origine algérienne, Azouz Begag est né en France dans la banlieue lyonnaise. Doctorat ès économie de l’université Lyon 2, il mène plusieurs carrières : romancier, sociologue et scénariste. Chercheur au CNRS et à la Maison des Sciences Sociales et Humaines de Lyon depuis 1980, il est spécialiste en socio-économie urbaine.
Dans sa vingtaine de livres académiques et romanesques, et scénarii, il valorise la culture d’origine des migrants et propose des modèles positifs d’identité.


Honorary president of FIFOG 2016

Ahlam MOSTEGHANEMIAhlam Mosteghanemi is a woman of letters of Arabic language. She is the eldest of the children of a family engaged in the struggle for Algerian national independence. His father, Mohamed El Cherif, fights against the French presence. Two of his brothers lost their lives during a protest against the colonial power in the 1940s. The family must seek refuge in Tunisia but the young Ahlam grew up in a politicized milieu, in contact with the Algerian maquis. It is also a cultured environment, where with her father, professor of letters, she is in contact with literature. Back in Algeria in 1962, she attended high school before working for the radio. She runs a show, Hamsat, which gives her a certain literary reputation. His first collection of poems was published in 1973 under the title Ala Marfa ‘Al Ayam (Au havre des jours). Based in Paris, she marries a Lebanese journalist, and while founding a family, supports a thesis under the direction of Jacques Berque. The work of this writer is popular in the Arabic-speaking world, notably in Lebanon, Jordan, Syria, Tunisia and the United Arab Emirates. His book Dhakirat al-jasad (Memories of the flesh), is ranked among the top hundred Arabic novels. He was awarded the Naguib Mahfouz Prize and the Nour Prize for Best Female Work in Arabic.


Honorary president of FIFOG 2015

AdonisBorn in Qassabine, a village in the mountains of northern Syria, in 1930, Adonis, whose real name is Ali Ahmad Sa’id, is formed from a very early age to poetry by his father, a literate peasant. He published his first poems at the age of seventeen in Latakia log. He already signed the name of Adonis. Therefore, it is committed to a free and universal poetry, free from any interference of any language barrier, ideological or cultural. After studying philosophy at the University of Damascus, Beirut Adonis chose to found in 1957, with his friend, the poet Yusuf al-Khal, the Chi’r group (Poetry) and the magazine of the same name. The influence of this journal on contemporary Arabic literature is considerable. It provides an opening to the western modern poetry in form and substance affect the far more traditional Arabic poetry. The collection Songs of Mihyar Damascene published in 1961 and represents one of the founding acts of modern Arabic poetry. The French translation, which will be held in 1983, will mark the beginning of Adonis for its global recognition.


Honorary president of FIFOG 2014

TAHAR-BEN-JELLOUNTahar Ben Jelloun Born in Fès, Morocco, in 1944, Tahar Ben Jelloun’ first footsteps led him towards Philosophy and then psychiatry in Paris. From 1972 onwards, he regularly contributed to articles for the Newspaper Le Monde and wrote poems published in 1971 in «Hommes sous liceul de silence». He then wrote «L’enfant de sable» in 1985, which brought him fame. In 1987, he won the prestigious Goncourt award for « La Nuit sacrée», a sequel to his previous novel. He also wrote essays with pedagogical outlook such as « Le racism expliqué à ma fille », in 1997 and «L’Islam expliqué aux enfants» in 2002. Author of several novels and essays, Ben Jelloun’s works are the most translated francophone works and he is also a member of the Goncourt Academy.


Honorary president of FIFOG 2013

Charles RouxEdmonde Charles-Roux took part in the French Resistance as a nurse. In 1945, she was knighted with the Legion of Honor. Later on, she became editor at Elle, following which she became Editor- in-chief of Vogue Magazine in 1954. She left the magazine in 1966 following an attempt to depict a coloured woman on the magazine’s cover page, which shocked public opinion. The same year she publishes her first book « Oublier Palerme» and wins the Goncourt award. Mrs. Charles-Roux pursues her prestigious literary career, which enables her to become a member of the Goncourt Academy in 1983 and president in 2002.

Mme Salma BACCAR

Honorary president of FIFOG 2012

SALMA BACCARReputed Tunisian Film Director, Mrs. Salma Baccar becomes the first Film Producer in Tunisia. In 2006, she is awarded a Prize for cinema on the occasion of the National day for culture. On the 23rd of October 2011, she is elected member of the constituent Assembly.

Mme Laurence DEONNA

Member of the honorary commitee and honorary president 2011

Laurence DeonnaA grand explorer, writer, reporter and photographer; she is a specialist on the Middle East and Islam. In 1987, she is awarded the UNESCO Prize for Education and Peace for the spirit of her work. She is vice-president of the association for Gazan Children and president of EFA (Etre Femme Aujourd’hui). She also presides the Festival of Women’s movies in Geneva.


Member of the Honorary Committee and Honorary President 2010

Jean ZieglerMr. Ziegler is professor emeritus at the University of Geneva. He is also Special Rapporteur to the United Nations Right to Food, between 2000 and 2008. Since 2009, he is vice-president of the advisory committee of the Human Rights Council.


Honorary president of FIFOG 2008

Malek ChebelAnthropologist, philosopher and expert on Islam, Mr. Chabel has publishedseveral books intended to promote an understanding of Arab andMuslim culture and the relationship between the East and West.He is a proponent of an «enlightened Islam» and advocates Liberal Islam.

M. Jean-Luc BIDEAU

Member of the Honorary Committee and Honorary President 2007

JL BideauTrained at the Paris Conservatory and member of the Comédie Française in 1991, Mr. Bideau plays roles at Vilar and the main Parisian theatres before becoming one of Swiss cinema’s favourite actors.

M. Andre GAZUT

Member of the Honorary Committee and Honorary President 2006

A. GazutReporter, photographer and cameraman, Mr. Gazut was also co-producer of the Swiss magazine Temps Présent. In addition, he creates in 2002 « La Pacification en Algérie », which speaks out against the practice of torture committed by the French army during the War of Algeria.

Mme Romaine JEAN

Member of the Honorary Committee

Romaine JeanMrs. Jean is a leading journalist at Radio et Télévision Suisse Romande (RTS). She began as News Anchor and host of the program Infrarouge. She then became Editor-in-chief of TV programs.


Membre du comité d’honneur

Rui NogueiraAuteur de Le Cinéma selon Melville – entretiens avec Rui Nogueira (1997), il dirige le Centre d’Animation Cinématographique (CAC-Voltaire) à Genève de 1977 à 2011. Passionné de cinéma, il crée en 2009 la Fondation Rui Nogueira pour la promotion du cinéma.