3 September 2017



The 13th edition of FIFOG – the international festival of oriental films Geneva will take place from the 21st to the 29th April 2018 in Geneva and its municipalities (Versoix, Vernier, Presinge, Carouge). Over 100 high quality films, of all genres and whose aestheticism espouses the difficult conditions of their origin, shall be shown and supported by either authors or specialists.

In honour of hope, this 2018 edition will celebrate, amongst others, female vision, and will amplify the voice of youth, will question extremism and will continue to explore the complexity of oriental society most particularly in their dealings with each other throughout all their transformations. This will be a time to put female creativity to the fore, to express the hope that people have, to push aside obfuscation in all its aspects, and to devise a better tomorrow.

Educational projects will continue. In addition to the short fiction competition at the École de Culture Générale Henry-Dunant, this new edition shall launch a new competition for schools centred on documentaries in collaboration with École de Culture Générale Ella-Maillart.

The 2018 edition will also be an opportunity to meet with some of Geneva’s diverse communities in an attempt to shed light on both Islam’s complex issues and the prevention of the process of radicalisation.

Tahar HOUCHI – Artistic Director