13th edition of the FIFOG

April 2018

The 13th International Oriental Film Festival of Geneva, will take place from the 21st to the 29th of April 2018 in Geneva, Lausanne and neighboring areas of France. Over a hundred quality films, spanning all genres, whose aesthetics match the difficult conditions of their genesis, will be screened, accompanied by discussions with either authors or specialists. The aim of this 2018 edition is to highlight and inspire hope. We want to celebrate the visions of women, amplify the voices of the youth, and explore the complexities of oriental societies. On this occasion, we take the opportunity to showcase the creativity of women, as they give expression to the hope of people who will not be silent in their struggle for a better life.

  • 100 films

    Screening of more over a hundred films of all genres (long and short fiction, short and long documentaries)

  • 25 places

    25 projection and debate venues in Geneva and its neighboring areas (Versoix, Vernier, Presinge, Carouge)

  • 200 partners

    Over 200 institutional partners, media, associations, etc.

  • 80 debates

    Approximately eighty debates with directors and/or actors

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